Friday, May 6, 2016

Projects 102, Neïl Beloufa in MoMA

Projects 102 is a projection installation crated by Neïl Beloufa, an young artist who  combines moving images and sculpture to create immersive installation and opened the first solo New York Show in MOMA. This work is a part of The Elaine Dannheisser Projects Series which uses projector and transparent materials to show different videos at the centre of this big installation. Also there is a big mental structure at the bottom of this installation which can move these transparent layers around. Because the projectors don’t move, participants can see the videos overlapping together and separate away. 

All the videos at the centre of the installation are about people’s life, talking ,passion and  daily lifestyle. When after reading a description of Project 102 on the MoMA website, I know these videos want to describe the experience some young people who live in an unnamed city that I really like this idea. These parallel transparent  layers represent different people’s lives, horizontal and never touch even through they will overlap in a moment visually. I feel a kind of deep lonely from this work. People are talking and laughing in the video, but when the transparent layers moved, everything will change. The smile is no longer the same smile before. This project perfectly represent the people’s relationship In the real life, everyone shows their lives on public just like these videos showing on different layers. An invisible path is already set up and will change our life,  relationship based on moving the layers. We don't know the rule of path and  cannot control it.