Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jacob Lawrence: Migration Series “One-Way Ticket” at MoMA

Museum of Modern Art presents Jacob Lawrence: Migration Series “One-Way Ticket” which includes his numerous paintings which represent the Great Migration time in America. His paintings describe how and why people; especially black people moved to North America from South America. And short descriptions are written under the paintings to explain that situations. All paintings are small like the letter size. Therefore, the audience can feel like they are reading a fairy tale book. In this reason, people actually moved step by step by fallowing the walls for reading the sentences and watching the paintings. 

I think this exhibition has great compositions for story telling. The other section presents the blues. In the dark hallway, Blues musics play and people stay there to listen. I believe music is one of the most touched genre to present people’s emotions, particular time and culture everything. The blues music intimated with people at that time therefore he painting series, short stories and the blues; all these compositions show a perfect story telling. 


  1. Hi Dain,
    Overall, I think your review presents a general overview of the exhibition. You have good points, especially when you mention how the audience feel like they are reading a fairy tale book and the idea of composition for story telling. I think you can focus and expand upon the idea of story-telling and how the exhibition space itself is designed to guide the viewers in your review, rather than touching upon every aspect of the exhibition. You can also talk about how the technology (iPads) are incorporated to guide the viewers and create an educational environment within story-telling. I feel like a lot of your sentences can be combined too, especially when you write "All paintings are small like the letter size. Therefore, the audience can feel like they are reading a fairy tale book." Perhaps you can say, "All 60 paintings are uniform in size, 12 by 18 hung at eye level in chronological order, where the audience can feel like they are reading a book/story.."

    1. Thank you for your comment! It is really helpful to me!

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  3. I can see that there may not be as many artists or art professionals enjoyed this exhibition as the tourists or general public did. One of the reason may be the form or say format of these artwork. I guess the storybook-like structure may not be the most loved thing in the art world. However, the art world is a small world.It is just a tiny part of the entire society in any country on the planet. If an art is being loved and accepted by the general public, it is worth to be exhibited and be talked about anyways. I enjoyed this exhibition, and I did it with all the tourists at the same time. This feeling that being a part of a bigger group and shares same interests on same things is always so good.