Thursday, February 22, 2018

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery: Carla Kevin

Carla Kevin's exhibition at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in a huge and bright gallery helped to make large paintings look larger. Her works create a silent and calm mood. There are not any moving objects in her works, so when appreciating artworks, it is able to feel that environments around us have stopped or flows very slowly. However, at the same time, falling water image creates little noise at silence drawings. Her paintings make people think that they are walking into greenhouses deeper and deeper and looking for another spaces or rooms.

Moreover, the wide gaps between paintings lead people to appreciate the show slowly like her painting. These paintings are filled with leaves and pipes which we can see in greenhouses. The works do not look realistic, but they seem like old, vintage photographs because of the colors and lines. The colors she used to set the warm and comfortable tone.

Many of the works have white and bright backgrounds. However, some paintings are darker with brown backgrounds. The artworks that have dark colors make for gloomy, stuffy and even scary moods. One work that I was significantly moved by is half white and half red. The upper part contains comfortable and calm tones, while the bottom part is painted red. This contrast creates two different worlds. The red part looks like everything is destroyed, feels cold and hopeless. It is not as detailed as the upper part. Her paintings include both warm and cold, hope and despair, and the arrangement of paintings was enough and perfect to show the contrasts of tone and mood. 

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  1. Contrary to feeling a halt in our surrounding, I felt like I was moving through the depth of space in her paintings. The perspectives of her paintings are so meticulously depicted that from afar they look like real photographs. I found myself walking closer and closer to the painting until I see the imperfections and abstractions. The contrast between the flat planes of the canvas and the surreal botanical perspectives creates an illusion of a space within a space. The half white half red painting was almost like a mediator, either admitting that this whole thing is an illusion or rejecting the three dimensionality.