Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gordon Matta-Clark at David Zwirner

The current exhibition at David Zwirner is collected works of the 112 Greene Street Gallery and has a large selection of work by Gordon Matta-Clark. Clark’s work looms large, as much of this collective exhibition is Clark’s photos, screen prints, sculptures, and collages. Zwirner has installed hundreds of prints in a large grid on the gallery’s wall. The screen prints are of various architectural structures on newsprint in an array of colors. These prints give the viewer a sense of being on the street, with multiple posters plastered on construction walls. Stacks of prints lay at the foot of the wall installation, similar to newspapers displayed at a newsstand. The gallery also presents one of Clark’s cut sculptural works; it is on display in front of multiple photos of his building based installation work. There are correlations between the sculptural cut out and the photos of the building installations that Clark documented. The photos are in simple frames displaying multiple shots of the holes that had been cut in walls and floors of buildings as well as photos of the sculptural cut outs from those buildings. The multiple arrangements of photos are appealing because we can see a progression of his working style and the variations on his installation works becomes evident. Gordon Matta-Clark’s work is well showcased at Zwirner, Clark’s use of multiple medias is exciting while still showing his interests in abandoned architectural spaces and other manmade structural forms.

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  1. This is a really clean and straightforward review. My one major critique is that I was looking for a better description of "Clark's cut sculptural works." You tell the reader where the piece was/how it was displayed, but not what it looked like. "The photos are in simple...buildings" sounds a bit awkward. It suggests the frames are displaying the holes. My only other suggestion would be to work on a more enticing introduction than "The current exhibition...".