Monday, September 19, 2011

Unshamefulnessly at Andrew Kreps

Combining themes such as over indulgence, desire, gender, humor, performance and grotesqueness, Unshamelfulnessly by Robert Melee is a mixture of sculpture, painting, photography and video. When entering the space, the viewers are transported somewhere through a black tunnel of videos. Successfully creating a twisted domestic-like setting makes the subjet matter within that space even more bizarre because of the contrast. Comparable to Leigh Ledare's photographs is the Freudian way Melee presents his mother naked and all made up. Melee creates many worlds of erotica, disturbance, and grotesqueness while making sure there's plenty of empty liquor bottles placed throughout those spaces. Taking up most of the gallery space is a swirled painted staircase reminiscent of Benglis' Fallen Paintings.

The photographs, with their bizarre set ups of Melee's mom, his childhood home and mens erections, examine sexuality, nostalgia and relationships. Melee's video work seems inspired by Paul McCarthy's videos of disturbing and unsettlingly disgusting scenes. For example, one depicts a man sitting in his underwear on a chair when objects such as spaghetti, confetti, ketchup, streamers, shimmery strings, chocolate syrup, etc. start falling on top of him, as they continue to slide down his skin. The man sits passively, letting all this be poured on him, which creates a fetishistic quality to the piece because he seems to pleasure it. All of these normally desirable objects are turned grotesque. When something can be and look so undesirable, while perserving this desirable quality of bright colors and nudity that wants to be looked at makes a successful piece.

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  1. I really enjoyed the first part of the introduction. Maybe consider revising the second sentence? "which helps one forget" sounds a little awkward to me. Explain more about the black tunnel of videos and the fuzzy rug and how it made you feel, add a more personal touch to it. Critique and describe more of the subject matter in the photographs and videos. You are a photographer! Again, add more of yourself into your writing. Consider revising or rewording where you describe the man in the chair; especially the first part. The last sentence needs more "oomph" to it to end the review.