Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery: Sarah Sze

The Tanya Bonakdar Gallery exhibits Sarah Sze’s latest installation and sculptural works, as her materials range from paint drips, wood planks to light bulbs, mirrors and rocks. Sze blurs the boundaries between sculpture, painting and installation, transforming the gallery space into a complex landscape.

If you are new to the gallery, it is possible to miss the gallery on the first floor, which is located on the left side of the entrance. The confusion is multiplied when one notices a pile of wooden planks on top of a plastic bag with drips of white paint sliding off is stacked near the glass window, as if the gallery is under some kind of construction. Coca Cola cups, half-filled Poland Spring water bottles are placed “randomly” on top of the ladder along the white and blue paint drips, as if the workers of the gallery had left it after a day of work. After a couple minutes of wandering the space and stumbling in to random objects, one notices that the high ceilings with clamp lights, paint drips on the floor, wooden planks, mirrors and ripped photographic images are not just randomly thrown away in space but precisely placed, offering the viewer to connect the dots, construct meaning and relationship between these objects and themselves.


  1. Hi Shina, I’m impressed by how you describe the entrance of space. I felt the same when I first look at it. If I’m a reader who haven’t see the show, it will intrigue me to walk into a space like that. And you give plenty example of objects which effective rich the imagination of viewer to picture the whole exhibition.
    My suggestion for you is that you can describe more about objects’ material, state, or color. Additionally, you mention “precisely placed”, I wish you could address more about it. For instance, how the position of objects influence viewers to see from macro to micro perspective.

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  3. I love the way you described everything about this New York venues. It is such a wonderful place. I am an artist and have participated in various events at this place. It is one of my favorite gallery spaces.