Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show

The MoMA presents its first exhibition dedicated to the work of Yoko Ono. Approximately 125 of her works have been packed into a rectangular showing space which was apparently less than 2,000 square ft. Paintings, installations, performances, audio recordings, and films. Well-known pieces such as Cut Piece (1964), Apple (1966), and her more recent work, such as To See The Sky (2015), are included. In regard to both medium and subject, it is always not easy to answer what exact kind of art Yoko Ono does. This exhibition makes it clear that she does a little of everything. 

                                       Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece (1964)

In Cut Piece, which is a famous early work of feminist art, the audience was invited to cut off any piece of the clothing Yoko Ono was wearing. I do think the video is a little too short and rough. Just like many other conceptual pieces in the 70’s, some details were not carefully handled, such as the ending.  However, I still enjoyed some of her pieces there. The bigger issue I have is the way this exhibition has been curated. While Yoko Ono's work has the randomness characteristic already, to put a big amount of them into a not-big-enough space, and arrange them not in any logic (not by time, not by form, not by anything) may be the worst thing to.


  1. Hi Ceci, You use concise words cover whole exhibition. And it’s very interesting and quite appropriate that you use a good house wife to metaphor the curator and the exhibition. It’s please to read your review.
    I feel this review lack of space depiction and how her works being present. If you add few sentences about it, the viewers would comprehend whole exhibition better. Personally, I feel the Marina part is too specific on a single work. It is good to know that information, but in this kind of short review may disturbs the audience’s understanding about the whole show.

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