Sunday, February 14, 2016

Catherine Opie "700 Nimes Road" at Lehmann Maupin

Without a doubt, Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most legendary actresses of Hollywood cinema.  Her name embroidered in white on red fabric is the first image viewers encounter at Lehmann Maupin.  Next to the image of Taylor's name, Opie's reflection appears on a photograph of the famous Warhol “Liz” silkscreen.  Through Opie's perspective, the exhibition reveals glimpses of personal life of the mythologized actress, the exceptional Elizabeth Taylor. 

Even though Elizabeth Taylor was never able to pose for Catherine Opie, her presence is everywhere.  A row of thirty seven framed photographs continue.  The center of the second room, the book of 700 Nimes Road is contained in a vitrine, which includes all the photographs in the series.  The photographs are evenly lit, which amplifies homey and warm overtone to the images.  

Taylor's belongings and living environment indicate her life in various levels.  Her belongings are as exciting as her dynamic life.  Elements such as accessories and furniture indicate how posh her life was.  On the other hand, Taylor's framed photographs of people and animals echo her passion towards the subjects.  

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  1. I am impressive about this exhibition because it’s about Elizabeth Taylor, the most legendary goddess of Hollywood cinema. Catherine Opie shows Elizabeth Taylor’s private life through the camera which normal people would happy to see. These photographs record many details about Taylor’s bags, clothes, cosmetic and her jewelry of course. Elizabeth Taylor is a big collection and Her luxury jewelry attracted Christie's, the world-famous auction, to held a special Taylor jewelry auction before. The photographs of jewelry show how beauty and exclusive this jewelry are, emerald, diamond or ruby. I agree with the author that we can image Elizabeth Taylor being in her room when walking through this exhibition. However in my eyes, it’s better to define these photos as “documentary of Elizabeth Taylor instead of an “ Art show”.