Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Choreograph "James Welling" - David Zwirner

Choreograph in James Welling.

          For me, the exhibition in David Zwirner was much interesting. James Welling focused on movement, and he showed various motion through coloration. Those works give me fantastic feeling, like I went in mystery space. In addition, multilayered color images have strong attention. When I saw his works, complementary colors, such as green and red or blue and yellow, gave rhythmic movement.

For example, one of his works (above picture) showed the most mysterious mood and lyrical movement by matching complementary colors. On the right side, one dancer who wears a black skirt seems to settle in the mysterious forest. And the black skirt is in harmony with yellow background even though those colorations complement each other. In addition, blue and yellow well fit on background. All of those elements makes his works strength, which viewers are able to figure out movement through his art languages.
However, he mentioned that he wanted to show viewers that dancers move on stage where are both building and nature. I could read nature through his images, but I could not feel building into his art works.

I think that the coloration of his works and movement are well adopted via his languages. He succeed in aesthetical view, at least.


  1. I remember seeing the show and being impressed by the colors at first sight. Although after walking around and reading a little about the content of the prints I became disappointed with the lack of depth in the story behind the choreograph. Technically the images are great, beautifully composed, the strong use of color adds to the drama, but this drama actually does not exist. What is the great issue addressed in this show? The body and its movement? The way movement expresses moods through colors? The way we relate to our bodies in general? I couldn’t relate to those images because my body couldn’t relate to the bodies in movement there. Maybe what is missing could be the common ground we find in our regular and ordinary bodies.

  2. I believe everyone will be attracted by amazing colors when first time to see Choreography “James Welling” from David Zwirner, such a strong, power and pure feeling. More importantly, it’s a perfect combination between colors and movement through photography. The track represents every moments of one motion, dancing, rotating,raising head. It seems that time is both stop and moving at the same moment. “James Welling” let me think deeply about the relationship between time and movement. What if one second becomes endless, the movement, which happened in this second, is still called“movement”?