Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bouchra Khalili: The Mapping Journey Project, MOMA

The Mapping Project Journey is an exhibit by Bouchra Khlili. As I entered the space - a big room with all black walls, eight screens with videos on each - it allowed me to see this mysterious world through eight people’s eyes at the same time.

For The Mapping Project Journey, Bouchra Khlili gathered eight people to share stories about their travels through Africa, Europe, or Asia. As the eight people speak, their hands, which are holding black markers, move around the maps, leaving thick black strokes and indicating the direction they travelled and passed. Due to the harsh economic and turbulent conditions of their home countries, these people were forced to leave their homes, South Africa, for example, and travel to wealthier countries to gain higher wage. The obstacles they faced crossing over the borders are mentioned. One of the people onscreen notes, “I was beaten by the police. And I were in jail for six months.” However, the stories revealed that the warmth and kindness of the people along the way were a reason why the storytellers survived.

While your mind gets numb due to your everyday routine, spend some time exploring this world and you will realize that people from another side of this earth are experiencing life-and-death challenges. Do not just jump on a plane, but travel along the path of The Mapping Project Journey.

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  1. I feel that your review does a really great job of summarizing this exhibit for the reader, especially in the second paragraph. The last paragraph is exceptionally strong, and gives your review a poignant, thought provoking closure.

    The only revisions I would suggest making are perhaps some sequencing issues in the second paragraph. Maybe first describe the videos first before going into deeper detail about what the artist was showing.

    All in all a great review!