Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tania Bruguera at MoMA Untitled –Havana, 2000

Tania Bruguera at MoMA
Untitled –Havana, 2000

This piece is steeped Inside the cultural history of Cuba under the rule of Fidel Castro. Tania Bruguera addresses a time ripe with atrocities and political unrest. For me this piece had a very powerful impact due to the way the experience completely enveloped all of your senses. From what I can tell the space constructed inside the MoMA building is almost identical to the space where it was first shown. After waiting In a line for three hours I was finally permitted to enter the exhibition. From the bleach white light of the exterior space, you enter a concrete slab doorway almost three feet deep on all sides. You are unable to see where your going as your eyes adjust. The dry sugarcane at your feet is soft, and makes your throat scratch. A projection of Castro plays in a screen overhead in the center of the space. The only light other then the doorway. Upon walking back, with the light of the door as an exit beacon, the nude figures are exposed in clear sight. Each moves in a restricted manor, each look very uncomfortable. Upon exiting I had to take a moment to decompress and walked around looking at other works, though this piece I couldn’t get out of my mind.  


  1. I agree that Bruguera's piece was so effective because it was completely immersive- the sugarcane on the ground, the use of fragrance, and near-total darkness all contributed to the mysterious and unsettling experience. I'm glad you mentioned the jarring difference between the darkness of the space and the stark whiteness of the gallery. Not only did my eyes take a long time to adjust, but it felt like I was entering a different world altogether. I think your review could benefit from more structure and organization, maybe dedicating a paragraph to description and context, and another paragraph for your reaction and thoughts on the piece. I also think it would be better to stick to using only first or second person point of view, instead of using both interchangeably.

  2. I think Tania Bruguera's work is very impressive and different and your review is very detailed and includes how this place looks like that is enough to make people imagine the exhibition and have a curiosity about her work too. However, I think your review also contains some of the unnecessary sentences such as "After waiting In a line for three hours I was finally..." and also uncertain descriptions like the piece "had a very powerful impact. " If you add more specific explanations about these unclear word, it would be better.