Friday, October 26, 2018

The Future with DOGSKULLDOGS

The dark space envelopes you as you walk by the larger-than-life skulls and into the shifting LED lit space. Blake Rayne's solo exhibition, DOGSKULLDOGS, at Miguel Abreu Gallery was a new and ominous experience with its peculiar atmosphere. It creates a futuristic space that does not encourage linear thought because of the randomness to it. There's a metal dog bowl, Cupule, and iron spheres, Rastor Tin Shot, laying around in irregular places. The spraypainted chrome fig tree, Vertical Stanchion, adds to the cold decor of the gallery. Objects, alluding to things found in a home, are placed in unexpecting spots and shift the gallery space into a surreal experience. Each piece is placed with questionable intention as there is no logical explanation.
When looking at the room of black and white oil paintings, you witness the evolution of human beings. The theme of biological development juxtaposes how they were painted in pixelated and digitized fashion with such a traditional medium like oil painting. The paintings hang on the wall and the sculptural objects are haphazardly strewn about so the meaning or function of their relationship is ambiguous. As aimless as the gallery space seems, it perhaps alludes to the uncertainty the future holds for mankind's domestic life.

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  1. Your description of the space is perfectly fitted to the exhibit and makes me think about it much more than I did while seeing it. I like your allusion to the future and would like to know more. Your piece, however, is choppy at times and could use some streamlining and transitions. The part when you talk about "Cupule" and "Rastor Tin Shot" is confusing and I don't understand what you mean. Perhaps just changing the format of the sentence would get your point across more clearly.