Thursday, October 18, 2018


‘PLAY’ is the theme of URS FISCHER’s office chair show. When you walk in to this show, it did actually attract people’s eyes: a large interior space with six automatically move office chair. The contrast between the empty white wall and bright color on the auto move chair did remind people they are the protagonists in the show also force them to imagine they are not a furniture but a living creature. The material selected with specific color defined these chairs have their own characteristics, For example, from my aspect, the one in light orange with more traditional looking is acting a mature adult in the group. For creating a mysterious high end tech atmosphere in the show, the designer also did a great job in the detail: caution. On the floor in front of the backup room, “DO NOT ENTER” was projected with blinking. Although the show is well designed, I still confused about the lighting they chose. The dim yellow light reminds me of a warehouse and a space is preparing for a exhibition instead of a formal show. At this point, a bright Strong white light looks more fit to the topic of this show.

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