Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Woman on Top by Emily Mullin

Emily is an artist works and live in Brooklyn, New York. Her work Woman on the top is a series of wall-mounted reliefs of ceramic vessels and flowers on hand painted steel shelves. Each individual sets are showing different style and they are constructed by 3-4 elements: a bent metal sheet, vessel, real flower and patterns. The work attracts me the most is a set which has 4 vessels in dot background. When the audience face to the front side of this piece, the metal sheet and vessels are all blend in to the environment, which all contributed to the dot repetition among the vessel that expand to the sheet and indistinct the boundaries between them. Every subject is uniquely shaped with crazy structure expanding out from the body of the vase and having the repetition going on. The use of color for the sheets are really vibrant and brave, making a big contrast to color of vases with either white or black the the natural color of the clay and ceramics exposed to the air. Looking through the whole exhibition, I feel that Mullin bring a strong sense of graphic into both of her ceramics work and her way of display them. Even the flowers placed inside the vessels show how she deliberates everything, even the height of each plant to make her work a harmony as a whole.

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  1. I like your description of her work in detail.For me, these words are very vibrating and energetic It makes we want to go back and see it again. The point you made about she putting the sense of graphic in her work is really unique. It's a pity that you only used two sentences to talk about in the end. I could see you expand this idea more, because it is such a interesting perspective to focus on.
    Structure wise, you could maybe put more thoughts on.