Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Body Double by Bianca Beck at Rachel Uffner

When I walked into Bianca Becks’s Body Double at Rachel Uffner Gallery I was intrigued by many colorful abstract paintings. I thought they were beautiful but as I  continued I found the true showstoppers to be the "body double" sculptures. I was instantly mesmerized by these giant, colorful sculptures towering above me. They captured my eye as soon as I saw them because of the presence they demand in the room. The experience of wandering this room was incredible. The forms all stand approximately seven feet, and are arranged in a small room. Being in the room gave me an up close experience and as I walked through I saw the works from different perspectives and in relation to the other sculptures. I was close enough to see every detail and be able to walk all the way around them. The fact that they were free standing and in open air gave them a more authenticity and created an up close and personal experience. 

The sculptures are inspired by political protests and the enormity of them. It’s also representative of Plato’s concept that humans were once two bodies in one. The size of the sculpture indicates the size and power two bodies combined might have. The mass of them also reflects the political protests.

The paintings together with the sculptures imagine the future and allude to radical thinking. The form and color are so abstract and show a new way of art not seen before. For me it is an exploration of a more perfect world. Beck’s vibrant colors and beautiful shapes are imbued with optimism that allows me to see this positive future Beck is alluding to. The colors throughout the sculptures create a happy feelings.

While all the works are beautiful and important, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the paintings. They are beautiful and deserve a better installation. The paintings were outshone by the sculptures, and because of this can seem forgettable. The display of the sculptures was perfect, and the paintings deserve a more well thought out and intentional display. They should be as memorable to a viewer as the sculptures. Beck's "body double" sculptures are extremely beautiful and have me an amazing feeling, however, the paintings were somewhat disappointing in comparison. 


  1. The pictures and the way you described sharing the space with the sculptures are fantastic because I was able to remember my experience there. If you could specify the political protests that inspired these pieces then I would get the connection you are making. The last paragraph suddenly contrasts everything else so a smoother transition into your opinion about the lack of attention going to the paintings would make sense. A concluding sentence that goes back to how you were mesmerized by the sculptures but not as much with the paintings would bring your piece to a great end.


  2. I like how you describe your feelings and thoughts when you walked into the gallery. This really brings me into the show with your sequence. I like the way how you organize the review, first you talk about how they look like and then you start to talk about the art works in deeper meanings. Your analysis is very strong and comprehensive. It would be better if you have a final sentence to summarize your thoughts and comments to make the review more powerful.