Friday, February 15, 2019

Petzel Gallery, Dana Schutz, Imagine Me and You

Dana Schutz is an artist from Michigan. The exhibition at Pretzel Gallery displays Schutz’s paintings and sculptures. The artwork shows Schutz’s inner conflicts and emotions by contrasting the pure background and vibrant portrait. The paintings are not focusing on the human scale. Instead of depicting every single details of objects, Schutz uses vibrant colors to show the emotions such as outrage and sadness. The bright, primary colors activate the paintings and makes the artwork more dynamic. Moreover, there is a big concept behind his topic of the series of paintings. There are many social dimensional problems has been explored from his paintings. The painting is like a scope to emphasis a few moments that can represent the issues in our society such as environment issues, personal emotions, and social relationships. The sculptures are the three dimensional expression of Schutz’s artworks. The deformed human body helps people to focus on, the expression of ignored social issues, the moment of Schutz is trying to emphasis on. Dana Schutz’s artwork is not trying to make any smooth and delicate moments. The roughness of the artwork is the aesthetic Schutz is presenting.


  1. I also thought Dana Schutz’s exhibition was impressive. I loved how all her paintings were very dramatic. The way she doesn’t care about the scale and proportions of objects and just putting them on the canvas is so interesting. She also uses such vibrant colors and also puts in small details, which make the paintings pop even more. I liked how she used really vibrant colors but the paintings meant sad topics like issues with our society. And then lastly, she made her paintings into sculptures, which did the exact same thing as the paintings.

  2. I was also taken by Shultz's exhibition. The sculptural work as well as the paintings felt like they were in the act of moving, bringing so much motion and life that I was slightly shocked. There is a rawness and abstractness that I felt very engaged by in both her painting and sculpture, as was showcased by some of the finger hole/marks in her sculpture as well as the course textures of the surface and the hastily made looking strokes and gestural nature of her paintings. In both her paintings and sculptures there is a sense that she worked fast and feverishly to get the idea and expression out but I would bet that it is actually a planned and choreographed aesthetic, one that I appreciate, respect and enjoy engaging in.