Thursday, March 21, 2019

The CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth in Pioneer Works

The CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth by Atelier Van Lieshout at Pioneer Works was awe-inspiring. It was full of immersive installations and industrial machines. The artworks and space came together perfectly, so I imagined the place was also part of the work. I guess because of the high ceiling and brick walls.  The sculpture contains familiar domestic elements such as a kitchen. There were a toilet and chairs itself to the large industrial installation so the collision from the correlation occurred between familiar everyday objects and machinery atmosphere. According to the press release, the sculptures have "a visceral desire to return to the beginning of industry—the origins of Western culture, wealth..." The grand scale the objects combined with the sound such as from swinging pendulum led people to experience the tension between their bodies and the sculptures. The feelings of walking carefully between the small works and massive columns recall any fundamental problems happening in society today, the past and the future such as a DIY nuclear reactor or external political movements. I loved to look around the amusing furniture sculptures such as lamps and desks suggesting human body were displayed everywhere on the floor. For example, there was a table with a big rock on the bottom which reminds me of bigfoot and sculpture with an ellipse shape hole which suggests a mouth.

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  1. I too enjoyed the crypto futurist and the new tribal labyrinth. I appreciate your commentary on the disparity between the familiar objects in unfamiliar setting and how that caused a sense of unease.
    I did not recognize the correlation between the sculptures and the human body that you pointed out and in retrospect I wish I could have seen the exhibit from that lense... that’s a very interesting component that I missed.
    I also appreciate how you pointed out the whimsical nature of the work.
    I like your overall reading of the show and it makes me want to revisit it.