Thursday, March 21, 2019

“We the People” Amazing Grace, Nari Ward, the New Museum

Used baby strollers, fire hoses, baseball bats and other abandoned objects create Ward's amazing installations. Ward is good at transforming daily objects into incredible art pieces.  The installation creates a special connection of personal memory and sensibility.  The installation, Amazing Grace, is an interactive design. Fire hoses create a route that people can walk in between an arrangement baby strollers. The spot lighting gives a more directional circulation on the installation. The thesis of death and hope is big and abstract. However, Ward by applying different physical materials and sound successfully present his view of the death and hope. Amazing Grace was originally at the New Museum installed at an abandoned gas station. Instead of using the old site, in the new location the special lighting design at the New Museum helps people to focus on the installation itself. 


  1. I agree with your point of describing Nari ward’s works that how he transforms the abandoned objects as a fantastic art piece and how his works are installed and gave emotional power to the viewer. Nari ward tried to produce his work by accumulating insignificant materials and constantly repurposing them in surprising ways, which evoke the tension between tradition and change. Furthermore, it reveals the content of cultures and disparate communities. So, to improve your review essay, I would suggest writing those contents that he tried to explore through his art pieces as more detail and describing your phrase about the emotional linking between his works and viewers more detail to understand his art piece better.

  2. Your review successfully captures some of the basic elements of the exhibition and describes factual and logistical parts of Ward's work well, but you could push your analysis further. Your sentence structure is generally simple throughout the review, which makes many of your ideas feel disconnected. Instead of just stating things such as "Amazing Grace is an interactive design," your review would be more compelling if you connected these facts directly to your analysis. Additionally, the review seems to be lacking a general theme, which could be conveyed more clearly by the lead and closing sentences.