Thursday, September 19, 2019

Crossing Coasts: Danziger Gallery's 'Cali Style'

Danziger Gallery’s playful exhibition, Cali Style, open until October 5th, 2019, offers visitors a uniquely California-hipster experience within the heart of a booming metropolis. Located in unit 305 on 980 Madison Avenue New York, NY, Danziger Gallery gathered artists Barry McGee, Ed Templeton, Nick Fouquet, and Will Adler to render an exhibition that synthesizes distinctly Californian elements: surfing, photography, graffiti, skateboarding, and even eco-fashion. 
Photograph courtesy of Danziger Gallery 
Bright colors fill the white space, transporting visitors to a sharply different setting — quite far from the blaring sirens and thousands of pedestrians right outside the gallery walls. McGee’s graffiti-inspired works recall the vivid and undulating art that covers boardwalks, skateparks, and parking garages all over Venice Beach while Templeton attempts to engage with California youth culture, amalgamating past and present experiences, and Adler’s hazy, euphoric images of California surfers and beaches beautifully capture the coastal state’s spiritual essence. 
Photograph Courtesy of Danziger Gallery
While McGee, Templeton, and Adler’s works are essential to the West Coast aesthetic, Fouquet’s hand-crafted hats offer an opportunity rarely presented in art galleries: the chance to hands-on, physically engage with the works of art. These goofty yet culturally relevant visuals allow gallery visitors to accessorize and adorn themselves in this unique Cali Style.

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