Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Beyond Geographies: Contemporary Art and Muslim Experience at BRIC Arts

BRIC Arts presents art pieces by artists with immigrant family backgrounds from Muslim countries. The exhibition displays paintings, sculptures, and installations. Viewers first face the large wall painting, Orientation (2019), by Nsenga Knight. The work contains a gleaming silver pentagon with black triangular shapes in the four corners of the canvas, evoking minimalist geometric wallpaper. On the ground near the artwork, a red rug, A Disappearing Garden of (2019) by Asif Mian, creates abstract line drawing with check pattern garment pieces sewn on. 

One of the most colorful and eye-catching installations, 1001 Migrations (2018) by Mona Saeed Kamal, shows 1001 paper boats that are folded like Japanese traditional Origami. The papers are painted with innumerous colors, which invites viewers to observe more closely to inspect their patterns and color combinations. With the colorfully painted patterns, the boats make a dynamic scene, forming a huge color gradation. Using diverse drawing and traditional craft techniques, the artists express how their Muslim family history and culture impact on their identities.  

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  1. Hello So Ye,
    I appreciate how specific and descriptive this review is. I do find myself wondering what the relationship between the artists’ immigrant backgrounds has to do with the qualities of the work you describe. It seems like the description is more focused on the formal aspects of the work than their connection to the artist’s background. Maybe if you described fewer pieces that would give you the flexibility to make that connection. I’m also curious about what makes this collection harmonious, so I would like to hear more about that.