Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two Different Approaches within Painting: Charles Dunn and Rusty Shackleford at Cindy Rucker Gallery

          When I entered the Cindy Rucker Gallery, I though it was a solo exhibition. The two artists in the exhibition, Charles Dunn and Rusty Shackleford had similar color palattes. However, they used different methods. The Gallery mentioned that “Both artists pursue painting but with differing approaches: while Dunn uses a more traditional method of oil on panel, Shackleford employs a scanner to create a super flat surface.” The exhibition shows how the two artists pursue painting with their own methods. Both artists used neutral colors, such as gray or other obscure colors in the background, though Dunn painted figures snd Shackleford collaged images with bright colors in the foreground.
          Charles Dunn was born in Ohio in 1969. He creates works that reveal the nefarious basis of everything around us. He paints incomplete figures, like eroding rocks in the rivers or seas, and he injects into these figures his feeling for color. His seemingly simple strokes are able to attract viewers.


Charles Dunn, Untitled 

Rusty Shackleford was born in Alabama in 1987. He works with images from found magazines.  When he collages with them, he tries to reduce the sculptural form in his works. Thus, he creates C-prints and leaves only the smooth surface for his viewers.

Rusty Shackleford, One of the series Digital Monotypes

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  1. I would like you to dig into the curating process more. Why they are together in this show beside the methods? There are a lot of potential artists can be team up, why those two? The short introductions of the artists are helpful, but still, besides the paint skill and method, what else? Although they are displayed in the same gallery, the two artists are still so different for me. In the showroom, where do you think the connection is? Are you satisfy with the curating? It‘s quite a shallow thing to just put two artists together because they use similar colors.