Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mira Schor, Lyles & King

Mira Schor is a New York based artist and writer. She uses her artwork to empower women. In the collection, she uses women as the main characters in the paintings. No linear perspective flattens the spatial experience. Everything in the paintings is symmetric or parallel to the adjacent elements. This order creates the interesting rhythm in the paintings. Doors, windows and walls give a sense of story behind the paints. It makes the painting like a plot in a fairytales. Some of elements are the sky color and stars in each of paintings. Light blue, dark grey, reddish purple creates the calm and vibrant feelings. Full moon, half moon, and sun make the paints more playful. Because of the scale and the appearance of color and position, it seems like paints by a young child. Mira emphasizes the short time of being a young girl. She uses the fun components to accentuate the hope, gloriousness and immatureness from a girl. For example, she expresses the desire of dress up by drawing colorful high heel shoes, long dresses and jewelry. Moreover, she uses windows, open gate and sun symbolizing the future. There are a lot of fun elements such as, fat trees, colorful fruits, penguins, white clouds and cats representing the curiousness and puerility. The paintings show a dream from a fifteen years old girl. 

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  1. Your review is very well structured. You started with the centrial objective of this show and summarize Mira Schor's art style which give reader fair amount of imformation. Following up with the detailed description was very helpful for reader to further understand this exhibtion. I agree with you on that these paintings are expressing emotions like curiousness and puerility. I wish you could reinforce your statment (which I assume is the beginning of the review) at the end (such as how a fifteen years old girl's dream empower women).