Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Good Design, MoMA

Good Design is an exhibition at MOMA that feature some post-war designs. These designs are significant because they represent the era with material and techniques. Walking in this exhibition, everything laying on display tables, nothing really stands out at first.

                                        Display Stand for Oranges -Steal
Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., Fund
However, every object placed in this room has some unique and interesting features waiting to be discovered. Among all the objects a display stand for oranges got me interested. It was made out of steel. It used many circles and curves to form a triangle structure. Overall this  Stand created a stable looking fruit display structure. It has very playful energy combing its artistic structure and function. However, this object was placed among bunch of other cookers, which it doesn't really belong. With all the objects right next to each other, it's almost overwhelming and confusing for viewers eyes. Although it is very fun to look at, for a complex form like this the function being simply holding oranges was underwhelming. The material was chosen -- steel is not very welcoming to the users. Because when people see metal they don't usually think it would be related to food when it's not a cooker or cutlery. However this product was very creative, it does serve a function, and the structures are elegant. This object is displayed among a lot of other post-war period objects. And if they didn't place a couple fake oranges I probably wouldn't react this steel object to an orange holder, or even something that's functional. If this object has to stand on its own it could totally be read as an art piece. Having the fack oranges there was a very smart way to highlight its function and showcase the object.

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