Friday, May 10, 2019

"Without A Solitary Object of Vision"

The artwork of Amina Ahmed and Samuelle Greens “Without A Solitary Object of Vision” curated by Rashmi Viswanathan presents an advanced approach to the use of humble material in installations. It can be observed that the work, which is made of paper cones, impresses by its depth and creativity. Furthermore, the authors have employed an advanced approach to art by experimenting with textures, lights, and forms. The work firstly stated that geometric forms of paper create the effect of repetition and natural waves. Moreover, the use of various shades and lights presents the audience a possibility to observe a bright and meaningful object uniquely. The installation does not introduce a central objective of the work, so the viewers’ attention is mainly devoted to the texture and shapes in general. Accordingly, thought-provoking artwork inspires the audience to learn the authors’ intention and understand their motives. The work is fragile because paper can be damaged easily; however, at the same time, it impresses by the sizes and massiveness of the conception. The installation gives the sense of motion and alteration by using fragile monotonous cones of paper. The theme of artwork “Without A Solitary Object of Vision” proved that the use of natural material might be advantageous for the creation of a unique and powerful technique.


  1. I appreate the amount of details you provide on how this piece looked like, and you were very clear about how there wasn't a central objective or artist statment. I agree that the texture and shapes was very fascinating. Like you said this piece is for viewers to interpreted. However, I wish you could write about how you interpreted it and why did this piece attracted you. That would be more helpful with your statment at the end. It is also an opportunity for you to share your perspective with others.