Friday, April 20, 2018

Avery Singer at Gavin Brown enterprise


When we look at artworks, we can easily realize that if it is a painting, sculpture, or computer graphics. Computer graphics have clear and straight lines, but in paintings or drawing one can see artist's touch and feel their more emotion sometimes more than computer work. However, Avery Singer's artworks at Gavin Brown enterprises made me confused to realize how the artwork is made. When I saw her works the first time, they look like computer graphic artworks. They have perfectly straight lines, a cold feeling, and it is hard to see the artist's hand touches because Avery Singer's main tool for these works is airbrush.

However, it was not computer graphics. It is the reason why I could not find any brush strokes in her paintings. Viewers can have various sight, feeling, and ideas about her airbrush paintings. These massive paintings look like virtual reality space and the computer graphics space in a scientific fiction movie. However, at the same time, I felt that these are created by old computer like 1980's when the technology was developed. Also, the colors make the paintings have cool feeling too. Blue, gray and other colors' clear and obvious contrast with dark shades are elements that make paintings seem painted on a computer.

This exhibition was very fascinating. I had time to think about if it is painting or computer graphics or what tool she used. It was the first time to think about how it is made. When I saw it, I could feel the nostalgia about my childhood because the paintings look like the old game's background I did, also made me feel that I am watching a still of movie scene. Her paintings look like putting together from the past's old style technology images to future one like Virtual Reality world. Her exhibition enterprise shows her style.


  1. I had the same experience of being confused by how Avery Singer's paintings were made, and also the feeling of being in a virtual reality space when viewing the paintings. I thought it was interesting that you said Singer's work combines past and present. To me, it feels like they came out of a very specific era of early computer technology in the 90s. In your review you also wrote that you felt many feelings when viewing her work. I think you can expand on what these feelings were and how the work impacted you emotionally.

  2. I agree that expanding on what feelings you experienced when looking at these paintings would be helpful. I found these paintings to be fascinating for some reasons that you got at in your review. The imagery and the way its rendered defy our expectations as viewers. The result being that maybe these paintings are less about their making and more about devising a contemporary mode of production that infuses this imagery with meaning that wouldn't be there if we saw it on a screen.

  3. I actually have the same feeling with you. Although I have learnt paintings before. Her paintings still confused me. They took me into a virtual space when I looked at these paintings. And The visual effect of her works is so strong that my eyes cannot escape from the space she created. That is excited, but also brings me a question. If it is very difficult for viewers to recognize a painting both technically and emotionally, why not just make it digitally (by using computer graphics)?