Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Like Life: Sculpture, Color and the Body at Met Breuer

       Nothing is better than walking around and inspecting these vivid sculptures in the lifelike show. It is really an excited and surprising exhibition which shows figurative sculptures made by artists from 1300 to the present and it includes more than 120 sculptures. In addition to the sculptures themselves, most of figures accompanied with clothes and property or set in a specific scene and that makes these works more vivid and authentic. 
       Each sculpture is paying great attention to texture, such skin, hair and fabric. These elements are made to life through the use of various materials and different sculpting skills. When the warm spotlights lighting on the these sculptures, they made me feel like I was looking at oil paintings because they are too realistic. Meanwhile it is so different because these works are built in three dimensions. Compare with the individual art piece, the concept of whole exhibition seems much more meaningful to me. It is not just a collection of sculptures with superb sculpting skills and great likeness. These works are roughly arranged chronologically. I would like to consider this arrangement as an overview of the history of figurative sculptures. It contains the evolution of sculptures and art in many aspects, such as the style of sculpture, the choice of materials, etc. From the first classical marble sculpture to last modern mixed media one, the materials and items that artists used, the contents of their works, and the classes they concerned are totally different. The purpose of creating sculptures is completely different because artists from different ages are affected by different social environments. Some of them intended to express emotions and personal ideas, some were recording people and events as well as others were doing experimentations and research. And all of them are in a hyper-realistic style. That is why these sculptures have diverse styles and topics. That is the reason why this exhibition is so mind-blowing and impressing.


  1. I thought it was interesting how you described the show as an evolution of sculpture and art throughout history, and how different artists were influenced by their various social environments. I personally wasn't a fan of how broad the exhibition was and how so many different styles and time periods were incorporated. In your revision, I think you can describe a few specific sculptures and write about your impression of them and how they affected you. I also think you can expand why you thought the entire exhibition was more meaningful to you than individual sculptures.

  2. I share similar sentiments. I really appreciated how the show was curated. finding the commonality between so many different artists contemporary and historical was exciting to see. I also found the museum texts very enlightening. I liked how it found common threads amongst so many approaches