Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Half Empty at Brennan & Griffin Gallery / Revision

Brennan & Griffin Gallery presented Half Empty an exhibition of works by Dan Finsel, Naotaka Hiro, and Mateo Tannatt. Among them, Mateo Tannatt's sculpture 'Untitled' was the most interesting piece to me. The work was a mixed-media sculpture that combines a painted canvas, a rag and a cast chicken head positioned on a wooden pallet.

Matteo Tannatt
Untitled, 2015
Wood, canvas, rag, plaster cast
30 x 36 x 8 inches 

The show included only one piece of his work, so it was necessary to look up his previous works to be able to understand his world of art works. The materials for his piece include everyday objects such as a carpet and a mannequin. His works are minimal and meticulous arrangement with a sensitivity to material texture and geometry. I think setting feeble materials up against a wall, or installing an object in a risky manner that leans two thin wood together, or arranging dissonant objects intrigues viewers and invites their concentration his work. Perhaps, his work is completed by the participation by viewers instead of a visible piece if work itself? I am looking forward to his new works in the future. 

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  1. Hey!
    I loved that you talked about how the piece intrigues the viewer by the way its installed, but I think you would have liked to hear more about what you thought of the piece in relation to his work. I just want a little more from this article.