Friday, March 27, 2015

Tania Perez Cordova's work in the New Museum
            The exhibition 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience is held from the 25th of February till the 24th of May. The exhibition investigates the impacts of an undeniably joined world both on our feeling of self and way of life and also on artistic expression and bigger social part. The presentation takes a gander at our prompt present, a period when society has ended up more permeable and incorporating and new contemplations about workmanship's part and potential are surfacing. Specialists are reacting to these advancing conditions in various courses, from ascertained apportionments to basic cross examinations to strange or wonderful proclamations. It features the works of 51 artists. Tania Perez Cordova has also presented her works on the exhibition.
            The artist creates sculptures that show lives of everyday objects. She displays them from the typical environment and puts into interaction with the world. Meeting A Stranger, Afternoon, Cafes is an installation which is made of fired terracotta. The borrowed iPhone 5 sim card is input into terracotta. It has been inspired by Pompeii. The installation 0  is made of a piece of volcanic rock with glued to it resin and contact lens. One lens will be worn by the performer from time to time. The other lens is put into water. Chasing, Posing, Waiting is an installation which shows the ashtray made of black marble. Bird droppings, cigarette ash and makeup blush are inside of the ash tray. Tania Cordova’s installations depict meditations about past and future, obsolescence and innovation, endurance and resistance. 


  1. Desiree,

    Your writing was far more descriptive and elaborate compared to your last one. It was pleasant to read. However, I do have to point out the fact that the first paragraph out of the two in total explains information that only needs to be briefly talked about. I think a sentence or two is enough for the description of the Triennal. Also, I have a feeling you were too focused on what the exhibition is than what you got out of it. Having more of your own voice might be a good idea. But overall, it is definitely an improvement. Good job!

  2. In your first sentence, you list the dates. Consider using the word until, instead of “till.” A few sentences further, you discuss the “prompt present,” I am not sure you need the word prompt. You could just say, “The presentation takes a gander at the present….” The second sentence in your second paragraph is hard to understand and could use a bit more clarity.

    Your descriptions of towards the end of your review about Tania Perez Cordova’s work is great! Maybe you could add a sentence or two at the end to tie her work back into the overarching theme of the exhibition.