Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Museum's Triennial: Surround Audience's Oliver Laric, Untitled.

The New Museum's Triennial, "Surround Audience," raises a jarring level of consciousness of the present digital age, immersing viewers with potently experiential works from 51 artists. With the exhibition's plethora of works confronting the developing landscape of digital technology, "Surround Audience" presents a rare opportunity for its audience to follow lines of inquiry confronted by each of the artists and assess the world around them in its most current state.

The most essential piece among the expansive displays of work was Oliver Laric’s video, Untitled. Drawing in the majority of viewers in the gallery, Laric takes recognizable characters from media and loops them into shape-shifting characters, blending quickly and hypnotically as a dramatic orchestra of music plays in the background. The characters faded into one anther quickly, mirroring the fast changing attention span of society within the digital world. The rhythm of shifting characters created a pulse that reminded viewers of the life within our media and constantly developing world. The Triennial and Laric's piece acted as a jolt of america's most current state, is this a world we all want to be in? This question among many more important lines of inquiry these artists explore are crucial for not only the New Museum's audience, but also all members of society today.

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  1. Hi Jennelyn! Throwing aside the yadda-yadda-yadda of "I liked your review," I'm just going to jump in to suggestions as I know you'd like advice for the re-write. Your first paragraph although true, comes across as somewhat of a generic truism. I think you could just immediately go into the fact that having distance from history allows us to be more empathic, however, the challenge is to take a step back from our own times and truly assess it for what is currently occurring and then recognise that we are extant at the same time although our realities may be parallel. The phrase "the monumental piece" is strange. Using "the" makes it seems as though the work is objectively monumental, however, you go on to say that it dominates other works by attracting viewers' attention. Maybe a different word than monumental as it suggests the sculptural, physical when you're probably trying to get at notable/prominent/outstanding. You really hit home with "mirroring the fast changing attention span of society within the digital world." This is the crux of your argument as to why this work is essential and successful within the context of the triennial. Saying that the "piece acted as a jolt of our most current state" was somewhat awkward. I think you're trying to get at the fact that the work stimulates us to be reflective about our current experience within a greater context. You can remove "certainly" as it is redundant. I hope these few suggestions help you with your re-write!