Friday, November 18, 2016

Osgemeos Presents Silence of the Music at Lehmann Maupin

When you step into the Lehmann Maupin gallery, you are immediately overwhelmed by the floor to ceiling works that colorfully cover the perimeter of the space.  Osgemeos, twin brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, present their collection of illustration-esque drawings, paintings, collage, mixed media and kinetic sculpture. Silence of the Music presents the brothers newest works, showing their evolution in style and skill, while still keeping their signature experimental techniques by using diverse mediums, and bringing in new oil paintings.

Their multi-sensory installation grabs onto the power of human imagination and the many possibilities in interpreting subconscious thoughts and dreams. One work that speaks to their message is The Kiss, a full room installation that surrounds the senses with musical instruments, mechanical equipment, steel, metal, wood, and fiberglass resin. The piece covers the room in vibrant red and orange hues, radiating in a circle like pattern descending to the ceiling. The illumination of light comes from a face sprouting out of the ceiling, cascading over another face that functions as a mechanical sculpture. The Kiss further depicts a dream like reality drawn out of artists subconscious.

O Beijo (The Kiss)

Osgemeos broke out in the 1980s as graffiti writers, and are recognized for their figurative style that typically features their signature yellow characters, and intricate patterns paired with bright colors. Following in the footsteps of other 20th century surrealist artists, Osgemeos seeks to push the boundaries of art by advancing their exploration of the subconscious and imagination.

O Pato Rei (The King Duck)

Their symbolism also follows the brothers into the characters they draw, where the neutral yellow tones is meant to escape racial association. This deliberate choice was made to emphasize the importance of unity and the role that diversity and culture plays globally.

Silence of the Music features folk and pop art, modern culture, and an urban scene to create the artist's dream like reality and their creative thought process. Osgemeos delivers an experience that welcomes all of the senses; including your own imagination.

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