Saturday, November 17, 2018

Charles White: Charcoal works

Charles Wilbert White was born in April 2, 1918, his work was exhibited at in MoMA recently. White is an artist who liked working with different types of art materials such as acrylic, color pencil and watercolor, and charcoals, all of these works give people a deep impression of his skills. Most of Whites works focus on black peoples faces and most of them only have one figure in the drawings. The characters hands are exaggerated in all of his paintings, combined with their austere cotton and linen customs, these people look like workers or tailors, who form the low classes in the society. From their eye expressions and actions, White tries to tell the story of what they are doing and thinking. For example, the painting below reminded me of the black people in Civil war. The first word comes to my mind is freedom, because the mans facial expression looks relaxed and relieved, which make me think of the slaves finally got their freedom at the and of the war. Also his hand is open with sand released and drift through the air is creating a feeling of the tough time finally end for these suffering people. The show and works really forced people to think about the meaning behind the gestures and expression, and also each work is related to others because they capture ephemeral moments which arouse eternal imaginations in audiences mind.

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