Friday, November 22, 2019

Architecture is Everywhere by Sou Fujimoto

Architecture is Everywhere by Sou Fujimoto is part of the exhibition Surrounds 11 Installations at The Museum of Modern Art. Created in 2015, Fujimoto’s installation consists of various materials on pedestals. MoMa states, “Fujimoto here uses unexpected materials to construct miniature architectural models.” The pedestals are lined in rows, housing individual small scale models. This display tactic asks the viewer to closely confront each structure, to spend time with the work. Each pedestal displays an unconventional material manipulated into an architectural form. Amongst these forms tiny white model humans can be found interacting with the spaces. By adding this perspective, the viewer begins to question the scale and construction as well as the surrealistic quality of each model. Each architectural environment is also accompanied by short sayings describing notions of space. 
One of the components in the installation features potato chips stacked and layered on top of each other. A pile is created, with some model humans sitting on the edge of the chips and another standing on a flat chip closer to the ground. The size of the model humans is significantly smaller than the potato chips themselves, transforming the model into a space that has height and weight. 
Another feature within the installation contains five white ping pong balls glued together. They are fused together in a way that has some balls suspended in the air, while others are grounded on the pedestal. The model displays lightness and buoyancy, while also suggesting strength and presence from the cast shadows. Human figures are placed on the ground at various areas around the structure, suggesting interaction through proximity to the model and distance from one another in both shadow and light. Throughout this installation, Fujimoto is successful in creating imaginary and complex architectural forms that ask the viewer to question their own space, and how they relate to the everyday objects around them. 


  1. Hi Sam,
    I love your writing! I can see you carefully went through the installation and included detail as much as you could.
    I missed it out when we went to MoMA, so thanks for writing about it.

  2. Hi Sam,

    Like So Ye, I also did not get to see this exhibit and think you did an excellent job of describing the work in detail. You say that each piece is accompanied by a saying that meditates about space, it would be great if you can include them in your review, I am intrigued!
    Also, I think your transitions at the start of the paragraphs can be smoother...? Less abrupt..? and do the pieces have names?