Friday, November 1, 2019

HIGH NOON at UrbanGlass: Einar and Jamex de la Torre

Brothers and collaborators Einar and James de la Torre return to UrbanGlass after 21 years to present the spectacular exhibit HIGH NOON. The works on view, curated by Ben Wright, are a feast for the eyes. 
The title HIGH NOON implies a lawless reckoning and the artists deliver. A dystopian battle rages in gallery. Wall collages made of glossy transparent glass with layer upon layer of decorative objects and psychedelic sci fi murals surround cosmic sculptures that make one think of Baroque on acid.  The handblown doll sized glass sculptures are like galaxies contained inside of the preverbal marble.  One figure removes his heart from his chest, then licks it while standing atop what appears to be a Jell-O mold surrounded by tiny mugs.  Another neon green chimera wears an octopus over their stomach while flowers ring their nipples and penis. A fly, a snail and an Aztec God stand in as warriors on other pedestals covered in hieroglyphics. 
             The brother’s live and work in San Diego and Mexico. Their work is informed by their bi cultural identies and religion, nature, and place are repeated themes.  Deities, dice, and snails, carrots, octopus and so much more stimulate, confuse and intrigue the viewer in the one of a kind exhibition. 

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  1. in the second paragraph, you say ". A dystopian battle rages in gallery." but follow it up with describing physical aspects of the objects rather than describing what about them is dystopic or battle-like. you also mention their work being informed by their bicultural identity- could you go into this idea more as well?