Friday, February 13, 2015

20 in 15 - A Group Show at Woodward Gallery (revised)

Woodward Gallery celebrates its 21st birthday by starting the year with 20 in 15 – a show that is intended to represent the diverse genres of art being created by living contemporary artists of today. From figurative to abstract, from installation works to surreal paintings, from photography to street art, all and more are a part of this exhibition.

Moody’s little graffiti panels and Spencer’s hanging installation in the entrance invite the viewer into the gallery. Forbes II’s deliciously kitschy still lives of food evoke a childlike energy which is enhanced by Cycle’s meticulously detailed animal paintings. Hambleton’s Dancing Shadowman peeps in from the back wall setting up an atmosphere of intrigue. Stikman’s Threaded piece and Darkclouds’s The End of Time entertain the same high level of energy while Claxton’s hand cut paper assemblages and floral paintings by Ichikawa and Breen emit softer vibes.

Artists included in the show significantly vary in their artistic and cultural backgrounds which inevitably is visible in their work. The works do not have a common theme and completely differ in style and concept, with each piece requiring, in fact, a specific attitude to be viewed.  The intention of the show is to present a range of (mostly) two dimensional work being created presently, and in my opinion, successfully accomplishes that purpose along with informing the audience about the talented artists in practice today.  

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  1. This show was diverse! Some photographs could help the reader visualize the gallery space.

    It sounds like a possible theme of show was indulgence. Perhaps you could identify some other unifying themes in the introduction so there is a clearer thesis statement for the review. Then, in addition to the wonderful description you already have, you could discuss each piece was they relate to each other and those themes. You may also want to include a short concluding paragraph.