Friday, February 13, 2015

James Benning and Peter Hutton at Miguel Abreu Gallery

James Benning and Peter Hutton’s exhibition Nature is a Discipline, presented by Miguel Abreu Gallery, documents humanity’s relationship to nature while invoking the aesthetics of color, geometry, and cinematic style from our surroundings. 

At Sea presents the three life stages of a cargo ship - construction, operation, and deconstruction - while Three Landscapes creates a comparison of three scenes – salt miners, farm workers, and bridge workers - rather than a linear narrative like At Sea.  Through repetition and constant movement of various objects and figures in each video, Hutton creates a visual pattern that is hypnotizing and also establishes a clear cinematic style for each scene.  The silence in both videos are a welcome subtraction, as it forces viewers into recreating the soundscape in their head while being entranced in visual stimulus provided by the colors, geometry, repetition, and patterns. 

Tulare Road is a set of three videos that captures highway activity in a rural part of California, each filmed during different weather formations.  The differences in weather in each video create color and atmospheric contrasts, while the sound of all the videos remain relatively the same - cars being driven past the camera.  Using these consistent sounds of vehicles being driven to or away from the camera, the videos successfully hold viewer's attention through the curiosity of randomness.

The exhibit was cohesive as a whole and did a good job of establishing its purpose of representing humanity's place among nature from an aesthetic point of view.  The hypnosis-inducing aesthetics of all the videos were highly representational of Benning and Hutton’s proficiency as artist filmmakers.


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  2. I think this review is very appealing because you captured the uniqueness of each work piece, the details, and the atmosphere well. Your sense and description regarding the audial atmosphere of the gallery and each artwork were so incredible. Overall, I can agree with your perspective in this review; but I hope you to explain specifically what made you thought that the exhibition/work is hypnotizing. It would be also much better if you offer more concrete information and images about the exhibition or artwork as a reference, for readers to help better understand. However, I really like your writing, your sophisticated and persuasive vocabulary, and thought.

  3. Hello good sir, I am here to pitch in some feedback for your lovely writing!

    I must admit, there is no denial that your review was first and foremost informative and helpful. The specifications were undeniably distinct, and crystal clear. I will even say that it helped me understand more in depth of the work in layers that I did not thought it existed! However, there is a crucial lack of component that makes me avoid a review like this on a personal note. It is profoundly textbook to the point that I cannot hear your actual voice! This is your review, not an objective essay that must be handed in high school! Did you have a strong opinion about a piece? What was shocking? What was astounding? Why was it astounding? Give me a reason why I should actually care about your voice regarding the exhibition. Your account name ‘Friend Isaac’ does not mirror…bring out your inner friendliness!