Friday, February 27, 2015

Subodh Gupta : Seven Billon Light Years / revision

by Eun Jin Wang

Though the weather getting cold in NYC, being greeted with Martin Creed’s colorful stripes at Hauser and Wirth Galleries in Chelsea was enough to make me warm up to relax with the object from india.

Subodh Gupta’s recent works in the exhibition called  ‘Seven Billion Light Years’ share the title of one of his film works which can be found in this show.

I had seen his show few times in my hometown, Seoul, South Korea, but this exhibition presents a variety of medium that he used not just his famous sculptures made with found and common object but paintings . There are films, installations and sculptures with his distinctive materials which are included the most fascinating works were his paintings. 

There are four different paintings about used utensil which is one kind of cooking vtersil. The real utensil is attached to one side of the canvas and the painting looks like a photograph of the object which is attached on it. Even though I don’t believe that he painted themself, the contents are enough to enjoy and appreciate his own intention. Through out the entire the show, people can have a chance to encounter the life of india which makes me look back of my life in Soeul and the monent that I didn't care about.


  1. I like the way your brought our your description of Subodh Gupta's in a way of a story teller. I could feel the warmness from the color of his works by contrasting with the cold of NYC. It was a good introduction of the gallery and the background of Subodh Gupta. I also like how you related the work with your very own experience to Subodh Gupta in your home town, and described the installation of his works. I could see from the pictures that how realistic his works are and I understand he must have used some special utensil and method. It will be great if you can talk more about the process and production or the special utensil he used. So as an audience, I can understand how such a realistic painting was drawn.

  2. I understand that you appreciated Subodh Gupta’s paintings out of all his body of works at Hauser and Wirth Gallery but in my opinion, the installations and sculpture pieces are too important to not discuss. The general concept behind his work and the choice of objects and materials under investigation needs to be elaborated just enough for the reader to anticipate the show. By this I mean that full descriptions of works should be avoided. Since it is a solo show, the artist’s background can also be mentioned.
    All though the personal approach you have used in this review is interesting, but I think that it is taking focus off the crucial idea of the work and its presentation which needs to be addressed within the 225 word constraint. I also think that concluding paragraph needs to talk about your argument about this show and your selection of work. Lastly, images of other works in the show can be added to give an idea of the variety of pieces on view.