Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Richard Pousette-Dart 1930s The Drawing Center (revised)

There are numerous vivid color and sculpture-like drawings on papers presenting in the biggest room in The Drawing Center. "Richard Pousette-Dart 1930s" showing Dart's painting, drawing and craft brasses he made between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

In 1930s, Dart was fascinated by sculpture and made numerous figure studies on papers. The studies content the dance, animal, African mask, and human heads. It is amazing to see how mature the works were when he made them in such a young age. By his drawing, people can see the influences by Picasso and Matisse with his geometric forms and bright color.

The figure drawings explore the concerns about sculpture, and working three-dimensionally. At the same time, we can see how Dart influenced by African, Oceanic, and Native American art by his abstract and geometric forms. On the other hand, Dart designed a lot of adorable flat and small sculptures- brasses with a non-figurative way. We can see snake, water, and leaf by the forms of symbols and organic shapes. The brasses are somehow like the drawings he made, but with more fluency lines on them. Since Dart has a long career as an artist and become a very famous in the New York City, it is amazing to have such an exhibition to see the artist’s early life and the pattern of his creation.


  1. Hi, your review was very informative! I like that you mentioned Pousette-Dart’s influences from African, Oceanic and Native American indigenous art. It’s interesting how he uses flat drawings with primitive shapes and solid lines to explore sculpture. Perhaps you can elaborate on what makes his works mature for his age, is it the content, the influences or the technique of the sketches themselves? What made you interested in seeing his early works? It would be nice to learn about what you see in the symbols and geometric forms that moved you. I think if you focus how some of the compositional or technical components of the drawings make him unique and made some grammatical edits, you’d have an even stronger review.

  2. Hi Yen, your review is very informative in a way that you explain the design and technical elements in his works. It was definitely interesting to see his sculptural works in parallel with the drawings- and you mention the small non-figurative brass sculptures that represent natural elements. Perhaps you can elaborate more on this and its connection to his drawings. What makes these drawings sophisticated/mature? Also, your introductory paragraph could be edited..like the first sentence could be combined/edited to: "Richard Pousette-Dart 1930s" at the Drawing Center presents numerous vivid color and sculpture-like drawings, paintings and brass sculptures he made between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five"

  3. Your review to Richard Posette-Dart's exhibition at the Drawing Center beautifully demonstrated the appreciation to the artist's young works, revealing his influences by the primitive movement. When I saw the artist's works, both the semi-abstract paintings and jewelry pieces, I related them to the works of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The down-to-earth spirit of the works, as expressed in your response, could be elaborated more with personal opinions and clearer diction. For example, I would replace the word “adorable” with a more informative adjective.